6 comments on “The Here and Now

  1. Very nice! I’m glad I could help you with this topic. Personally, I’m slowly learning to live for now. However, it’s rather difficult because I’m in school (yep, 25 and in college) and everyday is a step I’m taking in order to secure a stable future for myself and my family. On one hand I have the now, but on the other I have the worry of the future. Quite the catch-22 we’re in, isn’t it?

    • I’m glad you liked it.

      For me, I guess it is a little easier to think about the ‘now’ (even though I don’t really) because I don’t have a family (a husband and kids). But yeah, its a catch-22 situation. The only way I see out of it is to try and enjoy the present as much as I can and hope that the future will work out. Seriously, I survive on hope.

      I can’t believe you are younger than me. 6 years in the military and still younger than me. Wow!

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  3. This post made me smile because I can totally relate. Worrying about the past and the future makes me forget today. This was a very welcome reminder, thank you!

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