5 comments on “One brick at a time

  1. And that’s really all one can do; take small step in the right direction. I do that myself too. I’ll probably blog about that soon. Eventually you’ll find your way out of your skin and you’ll feel more at ease. Though I know all about how hard it is to let down that wall…

    I’m glad you find comfort in blogging though! 🙂

  2. You have no idea how much sense this whole blogging thing makes to me. I look forward to it- pore over blogs, comment everywhere. I think this is my latest addiction. In fact, I have been thinking about writing about why blogging is working wonders for me in a detailed post on the subject.

    Look forward to reading your post. Write soon. 🙂

    And a big thank you for commenting on my posts and all your support.

  3. I actually disagree with your friend, or maybe it’s because I know you from a time you were this honest person, given to thought, often profound, and undeniably true to yourself. Secretive, yes, but always honest. To me, your blog brings alive the memories I have of you.
    Experience builds upon what we already are, only sometimes altering us beyond recognition, because we forget what we essentially are. I’m glad you’re reconnecting with yourself. 🙂

    • Thanks, love. Unfortunately, I grew up. I was not so jaded when I was in school and that is when you remember me from. And then, life happened. Shit happened and then some more. So, yeah, I’m glad you remember me like that because I don’t think even I remember me like that. In many ways though, I am a better person but I miss being that carefree. At 18, I really thought the world was at my feet. I had everything (seriously). Now, I am just totally confused (in a good way).

      But, thank you.

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