23 comments on “Getting out of my comfort zone

    • Thanks. I am leaning towards doing it. I just need to figure out a couple of things. You’ll know tomorrow since I have to give an answer by tomorrow.

      *Keeping finger crossed*

  1. Remember the advice we give each other? The one we easily give, but find hard to listen to ourselves? Do it! Live your life! If you’re not scared, you look at it too easily. I’m terrified of it myself, to follow my dreams and actuslly DO something about it. But we won’t get snywhere unless we try. And we will try. Won’t we? 😉

    Btw, cool new wordpress theme! I love black!

  2. You know, I had a feeling you would say this. I even thought of making that part of my blog- something about how I know magicpoetry is going to tell me to follow the advice I gave her etc.

    But yeah, as of now, I am tending towards saying yes subject to another conversation where I get even more details about the whole thing. I want to know what I am getting into before I commit completely to it. And since, it involves family, I don’t want relationships to go sour- that is the major reason why I am still thinking about it as opposed to doing it.

    • You know me well 😉 I think it’s time we both listen to the advices we give others and stop preventing ourselves from living a life that can be scary to start, but that can bear fruits we can not even imagine at the point we are at now. We both need to start taking risks and start living!

  3. At least you’re aware that real life is passing you by and you can choose to do something about it (although it may not be easy!).
    So many people let life pass them by without realizing what’s happening until it’s too late.
    Best of luck!

    • Thank you Dawne.

      I completely agree with you. But, its so much easier to be in denial, isn’t it? Though in my case, I always knew something was wrong, I just thought it would be easier to ignore it. Kind of like Neo in the Matrix.

      Thank you for reading.

  4. In my mid twenties I decided to let life pass me by …I didn’t realise that was what I was doing at the time I just decided to take the easy route and protect myself from hurt. It was only when I was 39 and going through my proverbial kick up the backside that I realised I hadn’t been living the last 15 years. I had been existing for the sake of others.

    This was when I decided to start living even if that meant that life would be hard and boy it has been very hard but you know what I am much happier than I was during those lost years. I would rather be living my life including pain and hurt as well as struggles that be in a numb existence again. Because in this life not only is the pain sharper but the beauty is brighter. The joys are greater the rewards richer, life is just so much better when you are in it rather than watching it from the side.

    So I say do it, if it means relationships have to be put on hold while you do it then remember that 3 months are not a life time. Relationships that cannot survive 3 months are not strong in the first place.

    • Thank you, Anna.

      That is a very valid point you made, if the relationship does not survive it, it is not strong in the first place. I agree. And so, in all probability I will take it up. It sounds interesting and like something right up my alley.

      • something I meant to say then forgot was that in my experience when I am faced with something I am afraid of when I actually face it, I find it has never been as bad as I had feared.

        If you do decide to do this and find it is not quite what you had hoped at least you will have tried and won’t be left always wondering what if. As I said before 3 months is not forever and it will be something to add to your list of achievements and may well lead you to something better…..look at it as a stepping stone.

  5. This is great news! So glad you’re leaning towards “yes.” (I found that information by comment-stalking.) Good luck! 🙂

  6. What a great opportunity you have in front of you! how exciting and scary too (but isn’t all change scary?). Fingers crossed while you make this decision. There is no wrong answer; just different paths you can walk down. (I know, doesn’t that sound less intimidating?)

    • Thank you, Amy. That does sound less intimidating. A different perspective since I was so scared that I would be making the wrong decision. But, perhaps, as you said, there is no right or wrong, just different. Phew! That took a whole lot of pressure off!!

      • Check out this article: http://tinyurl.com/3sla4sn
        (seriously stumbleupon.com is awesome, dangerous time-vortex but awesome.)

        It is amazing though that a flip of your perspective on the situation can cause more or lessen the pressure. Like you, I tend to choose the “increase stress & pressure” option. Changing your thinking is hard. I was told though by one of my therapists (SIGH) to think of challenges & life like puzzle pieces. You don’t have to know where all the pieces go right away, just recognize it as a piece that will eventually find a home. Oh and breathe.

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  8. Thank you, Amy. That article was wonderful. I am going to get back to that every so often when I face a dilemma. Strangely, I had never thought that way about life decisions. While I figured out that there is no such thing as bad or good taste but just different taste, I didn’t think to apply that same logic to decisions. I guess, it is because we tend to regret our decisions or wish we had done things differently. However, there is no guarantee that things would have worked out differently. I realise that now. And it helps tremendously!!

    Instead of kicking myself, I can concentrate on getting out of the situation and that is what matters.

    I can’t thank you enough.

    • YEAH! So glad it helped. Your comments have made my day (it hasn’t been a good week so far and it is only Tuesday). Congrats on the gig and I am SO glad that you were able to do it on your terms!! Even better that you so enjoy it already. Helps with validation too I bet…

      • Oh definitely does! I had decided that I won’t do something which I won’t enjoy and fortunately I am enjoying this. I find it unusually easy to break promises I make to myself, so I am glad I didn’t break this one. 😀

        I am glad I could help you. While I won’t say I have been through exactly the same situation as you, I identify with a lot on your blog. Trust me, things will get better. You have more control over your situation than you realise. Or think. Luck.

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