6 comments on “A small step

  1. Good to finally read a positive posts. Imo far too much negativity in your posts (not criticizing but simply observing)

    • Actually I disagree. I think my posts are very positive for the simple reason that they discuss all the negativity and fear and decide to go forward on a more positive note. I question my negative thoughts and beliefs and decide to take a more positive approach and ask for help if I am hesitant to take a more positive approach.

      This is my way of throwing out a lot of the negativity which has been festering inside me for years. I also find my posts fairly hopeful (on the whole) since I feel positive about the future and I am at peace with the present.

      While, they are not light and funny, that was never the intention behind writing this blog. Though I do hope to write some light stuff in the future but I don’t really plan my posts- I just write what comes to my mind despite having a list of 20 topics on which I can write.

  2. That’s great news! Congrats! One step in the right direction. It might be small, but at least it’s an important one!

    You are/were a lawyer? Wow! I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. The forever long education stopped me from fullfilling my plan of pursuing it though. I hate school. *hides*

  3. Thank you. I am still happy about it! 😀

    Yes, I was. But not the kind I wanted to be- I was a corporate lawyer helping rich people get richer. I had originally wanted to do law with a focus on human rights but somehow, things changed. Its a long story.

    If you can find one way in which we aren’t similar, please let me know. I am completely psyched. Who would have thought an Indian and a Norwegian would have so much in common!! It is uncanny!

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