6 comments on “A promise to myself

  1. You go, girl! Stand your ground and fight for your own wishes and interests. At least to the extent it’s making sense. From the first blog entry I read by you, I think you’ve changed – for the better! You are more aware of what you want and need and you fight for it. See, I knew you could fight 😉

    Keep it up!

    • Haha. Thanks. This time around things have to be different. I also feel this incredible change in me- for the better. Its wonderful. I have a feeling things will work out. They HAVE to. There is no other choice.

  2. I made a similar promise to myself when I quit my job. Of course, since I wasn’t making pots of money, there was a rider that I might compromise if somebody really did offer me those pots, because as things stood at that point, I was getting nothing–neither the money, nor the happiness.
    But in the last few days, since I started work on this project, I find myself going back to where I was before I quit my job. This post is a welcome reminder to me of that promise. Also, it comes at the right time…I’ve been struggling since yesterday over a decision, but you just told me what I need to do 🙂

    P.S. I’m reblogging this post, because it quite echoes my thoughts.

    • thank you. I am glad I could help you. My dad suggested something similar to me: He asked me to ask myself another question: Am I getting paid enough to do something I don’t want to do. I think that is similar to your rider and may be a worthy question if you find yourself in that spot. I think chances are I would say no- I doubt there is a price on doing something which would make me miserable. the idea is to want to get out of bed in the morning.

      Hope your decision makes you happy! Love.

  3. Hm….you definitely remind me of myself in my ‘younger’ days! You will surprise yourself one day…pleasantly so! Way to go!!

    On the ‘dress code’ issue I had a bit of a tiff with my employers at one of my former organisation. They decided to ban jeans from workplace and implement ‘formals’. Now, formal by definition should mean that proper formals be worn by all in office…men, women included. Most men would come to work in loafers/floaters and even the CEO who implemented the rule, dressed in casual trousers (non jeans of course) and semi-formal/casual shirts!!! I pointed to that and said, the day everyone comes in smart formals, I will too…but until then..it is jeans for me!! 🙂 No body could say anything to me…I wore flashy shoes, colourful sneakers to work….

    Wonder why in a non-business environment, dress code matters so much?

    Bravo for this again!

    • This is something I have always found intriguing- why does dress code matter at all? Why can’t I just come in decently dressed whether it is in jeans or a business suit. I could be dressed in a business suit and still look shabby or wear harem pants and look uber chic. I think the whole formal thing is just in the mind- it makes employers think that people would take them seriously. I don’t know if that works. If I ever start my own business, I would promote location independence and casual (but decent) wear to office (if and when you desire to even come to office). Sometimes I feel that discipline is overrated and formals (amongst others) are just ways and means of enslaving/ disciplining us- its like uniform. Perhaps, its a way to assert control. perhaps, as usual, I am reading too much into a corporate practice.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I am glad that there are others who think this way! And kudos for fighting the good fight. Sometimes, the small and seemingly irrelevant things are worth fighting for, eh? And love the colorful sneakers touch!

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