13 comments on “Passion v. Addiction

  1. This is a topic I find very interesting as you know. I wonder the same myself. When is it an addiction, as opposed to passion or obsession? I have to admit, I was extremely hooked on play money poker a couple years back when it first got launched on Facebook. I had got no clue about poker, but I wanted to learn because it looked fun. My crush at the time taught me and I played a little every day. Eventually I started to get a hold of it and I won! Then I lost. Each time I thought, “I just gotta win back what I lost, then I’ll quit for the day.” Every time, this proved to be something I couldn’t keep. It was too much fun! Especially when I won! At one point, I had about 300 millions. I eventually lost them all, no matter how much I told myself, “Ok, don’t go under 250. … Ok, not below 200, dammit! … But for God’s sake! Not below 100…! Oh… I lost that one too…”

    There are healthy things in life and bad things in life. For some reason, healthy activity, something which you can get something productive out of, like reading, is looked at like less dangerous and is therefore morally accepted. More dangerous, time wasting/body wasting/mind wasting things like drugs, sex, poker, food, etc is not healthy, it ruins your body and/or your psyche. I guess that’s what makes it a bad obsession/addiction as opposed to a healthy passion.

    • Hmmm. Thats what I am wondering about. Why? Why is a passion for everything which is considered morally unacceptable referred to as addiction? I am, of course, talking about borderline cases as opposed to hardcore addiction to, say, heroin. Besides, at one point in time, I was so passionate about reading that I would spend a minimum of 2-3 hours everyday reading a book even during exams even if that meant that my syllabus wasn’t over or that I was losing much needed sleep. Of course, since it was reading (a morally acceptable activity) I was choosing over studying/sleeping, it was looked upon with a fair amount of indulgence. If I had instead been playing poker, I can’t even imagine the kind of grief I would have received.

      In a strange sort of way, perhaps passion/addiction have to do with morals over everything else? Maybe it isnt just semantics but a way of imposing morals? Just wondering.

  2. Good question! Different people have told me I’m either addictive and/or passionate when it comes to everything from couponing, Mariah Carey, and gourmet cupcakes. So I guess it depends on who you ask.

    • I think that is very true. Eventually, it all comes down to morals. It depends on who you ask and what their value system is. Very very interesting. I hadn’t thought this way. It makes so much sense. Thank you. šŸ˜€

  3. I think addiction boils down to how you handle the responsibities that are part of your life in relationship to your passion.

    I read that on his last tour, Eddie Van Halen was told to give up drinking or quit the tour. He said he’d given up his family for his alcohol and there was no way he would give up the alcohol for the tour. That is so dark. That’s addiction.

    I’m tempted (often, unfortunately) to ignore my responsibilites to my family in order to write or read. There’s a balance between pursuing my passion of writing and letting my passion for writing rule my life.

    What do you think?

    • I agree with you. With certain things like alcohol, and drugs, I believe addiction is pretty black and white. But, yes, eventually balancing passion with all the other responsibilities is very important. And perhaps, one of the factors to determine whether something is a passion or an addiction.

      The one thing I find very fascinating in this regard is love. A lot of people elope, marry against their family and friend’s wishes and tend to dissociate themselves from their life as they know it in order to be with another person. How does that tie in with the whole passion v. addiction debate? I feel that since ‘love’ is considered to be a positive emotion, a lot of unfair actions are forgiven or excused for the sake of love. Love is a powerful addiction often relegated to the realm of passion.

      what are your thoughts?

      • On a slightly unrelated note- think of all the wrong done in the name of love. For example, take the Trojan War. At the end of the day, it was love which led to that war and so much destruction. However, even today, it is considered by many to be a love story. Somehow the collateral damage in the name of love has become acceptable. While I love love, I wonder if it is really as positive an emotion as it is made out to be. I think I should blog about this.

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    • I’ve been mulling this a lot. It’s not the easy answer I tried to leave (3 times!). I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing a post mostly to sort it out in my head and see what others think. I’ll link back to this post once again. Thanks for all the inspiration : )

      • Sure, Dawne. Feel free to use any of the ideas expressed on this blog with or without linking back. After all, ideas have no value unless they are spread. Besides, I would love to ‘confabulate’ over any of the ideas mentioned here.

        I have also been trying to figure out the follow-up blog post as per our discussion on love. I am hoping to have it figured out soon.

        Looking forward to reading your post.

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