4 comments on “Is ‘unconventional’ the new ‘conventional’?

  1. Fantastic and well written post. I wonder if all writers have the feelings you so eloquently conveyed. It seems like famous artists always had some crazy life they lived. I want to tell my grandchildren the story of my life and for them to walk away wondering if I made it up. Anyway, great post.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      When I read about the kind of lives most famous people lead, I do feel a little envious. That being said, I also know that if I go beyond the obvious and slowly peel away the layers, I may not like it all that much.

      I completely identify with wanting to tell your grandchildren the story of your life. I want my life to be like that too. I want to be the grandmom who tells her grandchildren bedtime stories about her life as opposed to reading a tale by Hans Christian Anderson. In that sense, I want my life to be a fairy tale- completely unbelievable- but in a good way!

  2. Thanks for giving me something else to ponder!

    I think everyone yearns to be unconventional to some degree; our “unconventionality” is what makes us unique from others.

    Also I think we’re drawn to that lifestyle, because it looks fun and exciting. Nobody’s life is ever only fun and exciting.

    Look at Hemingway. He had it all, money women, adventure and he accomplished what he wanted more than anything– he became a famous, published writer. Then he killed himself.
    So did Kurt Cobain, and Marilyn Monroe.

    That’s not to say everyone who lives an “unconventional” life commits suicide. But their lives are no happier than those living more conventional lives.

    My brother and sister-in-law are expatriates. They’ve lived in Europe, Japan and now China with their 3 kids. They love the lifestyle, and it’s very unconventional, but they have their ups and downs and stresses. And their day-to-day lives are very routine.

    The grass isn’t always greener…

    • I completely agree with you. At the end of the day, we have to do what works for us and not what works for the rest of the world. A lot of us tend to just follow the unconventional path because it seems so much more exciting. However, it isn’t always so exciting. Being unconventional has been glamourised and romanticised.

      This reminds me of what I have read about Ayn Rand. For all Ayn Rand touted individualism etc., in actuality, she was supposed to have dictated what her ‘disciples’ must or must-not read, watch etc. She determined what is in keeping with ‘objectivism’ and stuck to it. In essence, she went against every single tenet of her own philosophy.

      A lot of unconventional people seem to be going down the same road. They tell everyone to be unconventional just because it works for them. However, if everyone became unconventional, then they would be the ones who became unconventional. After all, convention is nothing more than the dictates of the majority.

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