6 comments on “Making Things Happen

  1. It’s great that you are making some solid plans now!
    I would be happy to help edit and critique your e- book. I have some experience editing for a newspaper and a friend’s ongoing novel. I don’t have experience with social media marketing though, would that be necessary to help?

    • Thank you so much. I am happy to have you take a look at it. In fact, I’m glad that you don’t have any experience with SMM since I am writing for the layperson, so it would help me more. You could also comment on the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the book.

      Again, thank you so much. Will send it over to you once I’m done. 😀

  2. There is a community garage sale in Bombay, every year, somewhere around now. I could find out about this year’s and let you know. Since I didn’t take much interest, I don’t remember very well, but it should be coming up in the next month or two. Perhaps, you could get rid of some of your stuff there.

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