7 comments on “A Legendary Friendship

  1. I love it! and it makes me sad that those times are now behind us 😦

    But I get to see you girls in a couple of weeks and I am super excited

  2. I loved this! Thank God for these types of friendships in our lives — they mean everything.

    You, Daisy, and Rashmi seem like the perfect cast for a sitcom that I’d so watch religiously! I sense a TV pitch in the works.

    • Haha! I agree Nick.

      strangely enough, we have always felt so as well. Our lives were always full of drama and strange events. In a sense, despite all the academic pressures and all the competition we were exposed to on a daily basis, I think we were among the few who truly experienced college in all its glory. The best part was that at the end of it all we still got exactly what we wanted. Daisy is no longer a lawyer and helps people usually marginalised by society (ex-junkies, ex-prisoners etc.) find employment in Australia, I am finding my own path and following my dreams and Rashmi is still a lawyer (unfortunately) but she did work with an NGO promoting labour rights for a while. We all got what we wanted out of life without losing each other or ourselves along the way.

      I suspect a lot of drama coming our way when we meet up after all these years!

      • Hey, I am a lawyer who is still working with rights groups..well, will be working more closely over a few years. So its not so unfortunate Matko.

        Yeah, we all got what we wanted out of life without losing each other or ourselves along the way. And that what counts at the end of the day I suppose.

    • Lol. The parents will be horrified if they find out everything I’ve been up to all these years. Lol.

      I miss it too. It is still on re-run here and I try and get my fix every once in a while.

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