The much longer version:

My hair is never in place and my room is always a mess.

I suffer from an existential crisis more often than not and constantly search for the answer to life, the universe and everything else.

I can do almost anything alone- go to the movies, eat a meal at my favourite restaurant, go to the doctor etc. I am often happiest when I am alone.

I would much rather spend the day sleeping and the night awake.

I buy books when I am depressed.

I love shoes, perfumed and fancy toiletries and ‘collecting’ pretty things.

I can drink copious amounts of alcohol and not be drunk or drink a pint of beer and get high. My favourite drinks are strawberry margarita, Bailey’s, draught beer, and wine (red and white).

I believe marijuana should be legalized but do not support other narcotic substances.

I watch anime, read manga and enjoy graphic novels and comic strips.

My knowledge of music is very outdated and I have never heard (at least to my knowledge) a song by Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus; instead, I prefer the Eagles, GnR, Metallica, The Doors and Pink Floyd (amongst others).

I play time-management games, hidden object games and the occasional strategy game like Age of Empires or Command and Conquer.

I know how to change a punctured tyre but don’t drive and cannot differentiate between a Mercedes E-series and a Mercedes C-series.

I don’t enjoy watching cricket and would pick a football match over it (though I still cannot understand what ‘offside’ means).

I don’t know why Kim Kardashian is a household name or why reality TV is appealing.

I often wonder whether my life is the product of a schizophrenic mind and whether I even exist.

I spent 8 years in Bangalore without picking up an iota of Kannada but managed to pick up very basic Japanese by watching subbed anime for 2 years (go figure!).

I don’t see the point behind reading newspapers. I would much rather read blogs and Wikipedia.

If I could go back in time and witness any one event- it would be Woodstock ’69.

I am yet to try a variety of cheese (processed, blue, goat, edam, brie etc.) I do not like.

I solve crosswords on a daily basis and still have a copy of the first crossword which I fully solved (along with a friend), a decade ago.

I don’t believe in karma.

I love mystery novels. I read the end of a mystery novel as soon as I know what the mystery is.

I usually read 2-3 books simultaneously.

I often judge a book by its cover but try not to judge a person by their appearance.

I have never been to Goa. My favourite spots in the country are Gokarna (beach) and Dharamsala (mountain).

I’m in my element with my 2 closest friends- Rashmi and Daisy- who have seen me at my best and worst. Some of my happiest and craziest times have been with them.

I am weird.

I am uncomfortable with labels.

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